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Technology Enthusiast.

Technology Enthusiast

Technology is my life- I am most comfortable in front of a computer! 

Problem Solver.

Problem Solver.

I like to use technology to solve issues, whether they be simple or complex.

Lifelong Learner.

Lifelong Learner.

I enjoy learning- the process of gaining understanding of a new subject.

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I’ve cataloged and chronicled many of my technological endeavors, most of which are available on my portfolio page! Projects range from web design to computer repair. I hope that you will take a look and ask questions if you develop any!

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1. Google Photos: Pay to Edit

Google announced that advanced editing features already available on its Pixel phones will now be available to all Google Photos users- provided that you subscribe to the company’s Google One program. Google has been trying to monetize Google Photos for along time now, recently removing the free unlimited at reduced quality photo backup service. Now, backing up photos counts against the 15 GB quota given to free Google accounts.

Google Photos is probably the best and easiest way to back up photos on an iOS or Android device, and as a result, Google probably stores a couple of terabytes worth of photos. I understand Google’s position here, but what did they expect? They should have had plans in place to handle the phone photos of millions of consumers.

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